The Calanques for hire with a skipper

Did you know that? The regulations of the Calanques Nature Park do not allow, for complex and not always obvious reasons to grasp, to sail there on board a rental sailboat led by a professional skipper. On the other hand, incursions into the "marine heart of the park" under the guidance of a professional skipper […]

Convoying a Dufour 34 during containment

The containment was still in effect, when I carried out this ferry from Hyères (Var) to Port Leucate (Aude) of this Dufour 34 which had changed ownership – and therefore home port – on the eve of the health crisis due to Covid-19. This 140-mile format was ideally suited to a solo crossing: after 24 […]

Special offshore regulations and offshore navigation

The new Special Offshore Regulations (RSOs) have just been published by World Sailing, the International Sailing Federation. Valid for the two years (2020-2021), they are translated into French and available for consultation and download on the website of the French Sailing Federation. These rules, consisting of a document of some sixty pages, are imposed on all […]

Multihulls Ultims, the book

Between two conveyances, on the return of a regatta or a cruise, I sometimes pick up the pen, for the British magazine Seahorse in particular. This time, it was to collaborate on a collective project led by Olivier Villepreux, with whom I found work habits and a complicity born at the time of Attitude Voile, […]

Ferry back from Malta in JPK 1080

Three years earlier I had brought back to La Seyne sur Mer a J 111 that had just participated in the Middle Sea Race, this great Mediterranean classic whose route – more than 600 miles – makes the clockwise turn of a watch , Stromboli, the islands of Pantalleria and Lampedusa, before returning to Malta, […]

On ferry to Turkey

Once is not customary, it is as second that I embarked for this 1200 mile ferry aboard Lady of the Tropics, a 28-metre schooner on plan Auzépy Brenneur. I found this venerable lady of 30 years in the “great forms” of the Seyne-sur-Mer, the darses of the old shipyards dedicated to welcoming large yachts as […]