Freelance skipper services


You are an individual or you represent a boating company, you own a yacht, you’re in charge of a shipyard or you’re a fleet owner or a shipper, and you want a yacht to be delivered in the best conditions.

On board Defline 43, heading to Canarias.


You are an individual and you want :

  • To get extra support for a specific navigation ( trip, cruise, delivery) for which you find it important to be able to rely on a professional expertise.
  • To be supported in the handling of your new yacht.
  • To get advices on the equipment, the layout/configuration of the yacht.
  • To get your charter yacht skippered.
  • To fully organise a cruise project with friends or family, from the ship and destination choices to the skippering during the cruise.


You wish :

  • To strengthen your competition crew.
  • To prepare or to be part of a corporate or student sailing event.
  • To renew or to supplement your set of sails.


You or your company own a coded commercial vessel, and yo are looking for a MCA/RYA Yachmaster, due to manning requirements.

Together, let’s have a look at your project, my experience is at your service.

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