Pricing of the deliveries may vary according to several factors :

  • The nature and the duration of the navigation. Long journeys tariffs will be based on the number of nautical miles covered while short journey will be charged according to a daily fixed-price.
  • The potential necessity to embark a second professional sailor, depending on the size and the nature of the yacht but also on the nature of the crossing itself.
  • The necessary preparation time of the yacht.

I draft a quote whose acceptance shall conclude the delivery contract.

The yacht shall leave with a full oil tank and additional reserve if necessary. This is not only a safety measure but also the guarantee of a delivery within the best deadline. The fuel, harbour fees, transport costs on outward journey and on the way back are at your expense. I use public transportation at the lowest available price. You get every receipts and voucher at my return. Food cost are at my own expense.

If you want me to embark to skipper your cruise, on a charter yacht or on your own yacht, I propose a daily rate.

A racing program  deserve to be considered in details: potential trainings, delivery before and/or after the competition, every options may be regarded.

In any case, discussion and assessment of your needs will precede a personalised tariff proposal.