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Coaching in Marseille, autonomy goal

A couple of customers, eager to access the autonomy in coastal cruising, ordered me two days of accompaniment aboard a Sunfast 32I rented in Marseille, in the port of the Pointe Rouge. Take-off of the boat, technical check and safety briefing, equipment from a mooring on a pendille, docking of a fuel pontoon under the wind, departure in support of a guard, establishment of sails sheltered from the dikes before go through the pass yet added by a Mistral just calming down… the first hours proved dense, and it chained at the same rate.

Catches of RIS, maneuvering of man to the sea-to the Cape or to the good full-, port maneuvers and evolutions to the engine in a confined space, transfers, gybes. The Cove of Pomègues, on the South coast of the island of Friuli, welcomed us for wetting exercises.

Between two navigation sequences came the time of the theory: bar rules and notions of privilege, symbols of the nautical map, preparation of a road and a navigation plan. At the end of a rich and busy weekend, appointments were taken for a new training session before the summer.

The sun sets behind Friuli, we are still at sea, way to enjoy a moment of grace but also to spare us a night port entrance (photo Cordula)