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Five days of coaching in south Brittany

In this group of three customers, there were two who had just bought in co-ownership a small cruise ship based in the Mediterranean, and one who seriously reflects on taking a sabbatical year on water with the family. All three wanted to perfect their nautical knowledge, to put themselves in confidence, to complete their know-how. I offered them for playground South Brittany, not too far from Paris where they reside, and I directed them to the ACV company in Lorient, which in its fleet of rentals counts more sharp and lively boats than the cruise units “quiet” propo By most renters. Our choice was on a Sun Fast 3200, high-performance Racing-cruise sailboat, particularly stiff on the canvas and stable road, quite what we needed to work the settings and sail maneuvers. The bi-Safran configuration poses particular problems in the port manoeuvres, but you have to know how to compromise.

Our Sun Fast 3200 in the front port of Belle Ile, under the radiant light of the early morning.

From Lorient, our studious mini-cruise led us to the Bay of Quiberon, passing through Groix and Belle-Ile. Tidal calculations, reef catches and front sail reduction, use of penons to adjust and bar, shipment of SPI and Gybes, tidal calculations and road strategies, weather, pontoon and Catway catches, collision Road management and COLREGs revision , our days were well-charged and the work was often continued at night in the square. An important demand was for electronic and computer tools, tablet navigation, the choice of relevant applications and their reasoned use, a subject far from being trivial; It gave rise to extensive discussions, allowed to demystify some beliefs and to give its full place to the critical mind and systematic doubt whose browser should never be displaced, even in front of a beautiful software image providing a Deceptive illusion of certainty and hyper-precision.
This rich and intense week found its natural extension a month later when I accompanied one of the co-owners to Toulon, where he took possession of their First 27 to convey it to the Port of Bouc. It is a short distance from my new home port Marseille, so that I should have regular news of a project that will demand a lot of elbow oil to give back some pleasant airs to the boat bought in its juice, but promises beautiful moments On the water. There will inevitably be other suites, if only with the third member of the Equipee when it will be for him to choose a sailboat to travel and to take it in hand.