Cowes-Cherbourg en Mills 37

East or West? Downwind, or wind of the direct road? For Cowes-Cherbourg, the last race of the OCRN season (the very British Royal Ocean Racing Club), I found my Russian customers of the Morgan Cup on board their proto Mills 37 Thunder II. In the tide of whitewater, and with moderate to low winds, the […]

From La Rochelle to the Canary Islands with a Lucia 40

Ten days is the time that we have had to go down from La Rochelle to Lanzarote (Canary Islands) aboard this catamaran Lucia 40 from Fountaine-Pajot, flying the Canadian pavilion. This was the first stage of a transatlantic passage that should lead us to Saint Lucia (lesser Antilles) next December. By then the boat should […]

Back to Cowes

I have been carrying out a consultancy mission to accompany a client in the acquisition of his future cruiser-racer.  This is how the day after the Morgan Cup I was in Cowes to visit a Elan 350. In this small town I have accumulated so many memories, since my first stopover with the family boat until […]

From Fréjus to Bastia in UFO 36

There is no small conveyance, there are only small crossings. 140,000 from Fréjus to Bastia, a night under the stars and just over 24 hours of sailing, it is certainly not the sea to drink. This will nonetheless be an excellent memory, that of having accompanied a charming owner, dubbed by a humanist. And the […]

From Nieuwpoort to La Rochelle en Elan 350

“Twice the road, three times the time, four times the growl,” says one when one has to inflict a navigation against the wind. Intellectual honesty compels the saying that the saying is not young, and that it refers back to a time when sailing ships were winding up like hooves. Today’s boats are frankly more […]

From Madeira to La Rochelle in JPK 1010

1100 miles on paper, 1400 on water. Five days of forced waiting in Madeira, three depressions, five packs of pasta, ten litres of diesel fuel, 15 hours under storm jib. Gust max 46 knots, max speed 16.6 knots. This journey to La Rochelle did not exactly induced melancholy. I was delighted to sail again on […]