Convoying a Dufour 34 during containment

The containment was still in effect, when I carried out this ferry from Hyères (Var) to Port Leucate (Aude) of this Dufour 34 which had changed ownership – and therefore home port – on the eve of the health crisis due to Covid-19. This 140-mile format was ideally suited to a solo crossing: after 24 […]

Special offshore regulations and offshore navigation

The new Special Offshore Regulations (RSOs) have just been published by World Sailing, the International Sailing Federation. Valid for the two years (2020-2021), they are translated into French and available for consultation and download on the website of the French Sailing Federation. These rules, consisting of a document of some sixty pages, are imposed on all […]

Ferry back from Malta in JPK 1080

Three years earlier I had brought back to La Seyne sur Mer a J 111 that had just participated in the Middle Sea Race, this great Mediterranean classic whose route – more than 600 miles – makes the clockwise turn of a watch , Stromboli, the islands of Pantalleria and Lampedusa, before returning to Malta, […]

On ferry to Turkey

Once is not customary, it is as second that I embarked for this 1200 mile ferry aboard Lady of the Tropics, a 28-metre schooner on plan Auzépy Brenneur. I found this venerable lady of 30 years in the “great forms” of the Seyne-sur-Mer, the darses of the old shipyards dedicated to welcoming large yachts as […]

A week's cruise to Cape Corsica

For the second time this season, and a week apart, I had the opportunity to order Escapade VI, the Feeling 546 rented by CG Sea. This time, the tenants (two couples of Swiss nationality) had booked the boat from Bastia. Cape Corsica offers a rather different atmosphere from the south of the island, wilder, rougher […]