From La Rochelle to the Canary Islands with a Lucia 40

Ten days is the time that we have had to go down from La Rochelle to Lanzarote (Canary Islands) aboard this catamaran Lucia 40 from Fountaine-Pajot, flying the Canadian pavilion. This was the first stage of a transatlantic passage that should lead us to Saint Lucia (lesser Antilles) next December. By then the boat should […]

Back to Cowes

I have been carrying out a consultancy mission to accompany a client in the acquisition of his future cruiser-racer.  This is how the day after the Morgan Cup I was in Cowes to visit a Elan 350. In this small town I have accumulated so many memories, since my first stopover with the family boat until […]

From Fréjus to Bastia in UFO 36

There is no small conveyance, there are only small crossings. 140,000 from Fréjus to Bastia, a night under the stars and just over 24 hours of sailing, it is certainly not the sea to drink. This will nonetheless be an excellent memory, that of having accompanied a charming owner, dubbed by a humanist. And the […]