From Nieuwpoort to La Rochelle en Elan 350

"Twice the road, three times the time, four times the growl," says one when one has to inflict a navigation against the wind. Intellectual honesty compels the saying that the saying is not young, and that it refers back to a time when sailing ships were winding up like hooves. Today's boats are frankly more […]

From Madeira to La Rochelle in JPK 1010

1100 miles on paper, 1400 on water. Five days of forced waiting in Madeira, three depressions, five packs of pasta, ten litres of diesel fuel, 15 hours under Tormentine. Gust Max 46 knots, max speed 16.6 knots. This journey to La Rochelle did not exactly provoke melancholy. I was delighted to find on this occasion […]

Yachtmaster Ocean Certification

My certification goes up a notch, with the “Yachtmaster Ocean” patent that has just been issued to me by the Royal yachting Association. According to the very terms of the RYA, approved by the MCA (the British Coastguards) for the issuance of the command patents of ships under 200 GT (about less than 24 m), […]

Express Repatriation

I had not yet inaugurated the section “Customer Satisfaction”, it will be done with this summary of an intervention conducted for Inter-Mutual Assistance. In this third week of July, IMA is looking for a conveyor that can quickly repatriate a Dufour 36 in Carafe on the island of Elba. The skipper, Brigitte, injured her arm […]