The Calanques for hire with a skipper

Did you know that? The regulations of the Calanques Nature Park do not allow, for complex and not always obvious reasons to grasp, to sail there on board a rental sailboat led by a professional skipper. On t
he other hand, incursions into the "marine heart of the park" under the guidance of a professional skipper are possible on board rental motor ships:

  • more than ten metres long
  • approved by the park
  • led by a professional with an amenityWe are a few fif
    teen skippers to be able to take you in these conditions to visit these superb places. These restrictions
    do not apply to ships carrying passengers and registered for trade, nor do they apply to crossings of the Calanques without a change of route or anchorag
    e. You want clarification on this regulation, you are planning a trip to the sea in the Parc des Calanques, you want to book a boat and a skipper with family or friends from Marseille or Cassis? Don't hesitate to ask me.