Express Repatriation

I had not yet inaugurated the section « Customer Satisfaction », it will be done with this summary of an intervention conducted for Inter-Mutual Assistance.
In this third week of July, IMA is looking for a conveyor that can quickly repatriate a Dufour 36 in Carafe on the island of Elba. The skipper, Brigitte, injured her arm by falling normal in her boat at anchor, and her husband is alone to return to Palavas the floods. We must hurry, because a-very serious-blow of Mistral threatens. Without hanging out, book a plane ticket to Corsica, a hotel in Bastia, a ferry to Elba Island, after a short night here I am in Porto Azzuro, where Philippe is waiting for me. It follows a little more than forty-eight hours of a roundly conducted navigation, with a lot of engine but also of beautiful and fast moments of sailing to Cape Corsica, then in front of the Camargue: even loaded for a month of holiday on cruise, the Dufour 36 remains A fast and very pleasant boat.

All right, or almost, and beautiful transition zones: between Cape Corsica and the Giraglia, then in the islands of Hyères, where we will finally pass.

No later than the next day, I was going to receive this little note from my unexpected partner:

She had risen from her left foot.
The conveyance of his boat with a professional is a often voluntary act. But sometimes the rules of gravity make you hostage to the circumstances.
The course was short, 300,000 nautical, the weather without major difficulties, but it is not without apprehension that I welcomed Frédéric Garcia on board to make the conveyance possible. It all started with the tour of the edge and the control of the security weaponry, which would question this basic rule? And yet!
300,000 this is much and very little, so much the conveyance was a pleasure (…) 

Frédéric has more than one card in his game, which he shares with passion and warmth.  Its sporting commitments are an added value which ensure a fast navigation guarantee of safety and efficiency.
The good humour on board has caused the adage to lie that getting up from the left foot is a bad day sign.
Thank you for those miles, sharing, nautical. « 

These two days of sea will not deny my belief that conveying a sailboat in the company of his (or her) owner (s) is usually a treat (for both parties!).