Corsican cruise on a Feeling 546

Return to Corsica for this cruise aboard a Feeling 546, a very comfortable and very equipped cruiser welcoming eight people in addition to the skipper. Escapade VI has a huge owner cabin … which was drawn at random from Porto Vecchio between the four couples of friends who had rented the boat. My clients had the good idea to choose a "one-way" rental to Ajaccio rather than the classic formula of returning the sailboat to the same port as at the start, which always constrains in one way or another the navigation program. Already no longer the question arises to avoid on the way back the same stops as on the way back.

Rarely will we have burned so little diesel on a summer cruise in the Mediterranean, the crew was there to sail, too bad if the 18 tons of feeling need a minimum of breeze to really come alive, too bad if it is not necessarily a lightning close-knit war. Rarely will I have so little bar – and the autopilot was so little solicited – it was a pleasure to see one and the others take in hand a boat not so easy to approach for beginners, and that could by its size seem intimidating.

Quiet morning in Bonifacio. With its blue mast, the 12 m JI Sovereign (Photo F. Augendre)
An unmissable anchorage: Roccapina Cove (Photo F. Augendre)
A happy crew in the cokpit of a sailboat, under the sun and under a good breeze, with the coast of West Corsica in the background.
The breeze is there, the sun too, the Feeling 546 is gallantly cutting its way and the crew is enjoying itself (Photo F. Augendre).