Coaching on a family cruise

Every customer has their expectations, every boarding his program. This time, it was a matter of accompanying a small family who plans to buy a sailboat in a year or two for a sabbatical trip around the Mediterranean.

In the couple, one enchens the stages level 3 Glénans, the other starts at level 1. If they are planning a course of progress before putting their project to work, this short trip to South Brittany was for them the opportunity to test a first family sailing and to validate, under the gaze and advice of a skipper, their ability to evolve in autonomy in the register of coastal navigation and in handy time.

Safety controls and procedures, reading of the map and nautical documents, planning and follow-up of the road, manoeuvring on the engine and under sail, use of the pilot, wetting techniques, the themes of work and development were not lacking not. On board this Sun Odyssey 40.3 rental reserved in Lorient, my clients have also taken the dimension of a unit more consistent than those to which the sailing school of Glénans accustomed. Successful port maneuvers did not represent a small satisfaction!

These five days between Groix, Belle Ile and Houat also allowed them to gauge what navigation means-and even life on board-with three young children: we are talking about safety in the first place, but also of logistics, of organising the journ management of the sea sickness in the young, how to interest them in walking the boat and to plan their activities, the range of autonomy that can be granted (and the discovery of the mackerel line!).

The experience has been rich with teachings of all kinds and will inevitably contribute to a better definition of the project of the sabbatical year. We remain in close contact, my customers wishing that I continue to support them in their progression, and later in the choice and acquisition of a boat. Their next step: a week of cabotage in North Brittany this summer, on a unit with less intimidating dimensions… and without me.