On ferry to Turkey

Once is not customary, it is as second that I embarked for this 1200 mile ferry aboard Lady of the Tropics, a 28-metre schooner on plan Auzépy Brenneur. I found this venerable lady of 30 years in the « great forms » of the Seyne-sur-Mer, the darses of the old shipyards dedicated to welcoming large yachts as part of the conversion of the industrial site.

Operated by charter in Mediterranean waters, the boat was to go to Bodrum for a deep refit in a Turkish shipyard. A commercially registered vessel, we were three professionals on board. A roundly carried-out conveyor, led by the Bonifacio Bouches, the Strait of Messina and the Southern Peloponnese.

The Lady of the Tropics proved to be a very endearing sailboat, with its warm layouts, its inner passageway creating a small liner atmosphere, its huge « outer square » and its singular rigging: two masts (the highest of which is the mast located in which defines a schooner), two front sails, a sail and a large sail.

The ship is from a time when the deck plan consisted of about one winch per manoeuvre, the solo jibes represented interesting moments. Great professional experience, too, in the company of charming colleagues. Working alongside other captains with different backgrounds and experiences can be very rewarding.

The « outdoor square » of Lady of the Tropics (Photo F. Augendre)