Ferry to the Atlantic of an RM 890

At the first light of day, in the Pertuis Breton (photo F. Augendre)

The Fora Marine shipyard had called on me in the spring to ferry from Portsmouth this RM 890 expected in La Rochelle for a SAV operation. Once the repairs were done, the English owner, eager to spend his summer holidays in South Brittany, asked me to take it back to La Roche Bernard.

This short navigation, conducted mainly in headwinds, confirmed that this Lombard plan, in its monoquille and bi-safran version, is a boat always lively and pleasant, even if it does not go up close with angles worthy of a pure courier.

We will have to put our foot down seriously after the Bay of Pouliguen, or we will arrive too early in the mouth of the Vilaine, which is not very deep. Alone in the rising airlock, we will come across at the exit of the lock of Arzal a platoon fed by boaters eager to reach the sea, and organizing vaguely under the guidance of a lamanas as man and funny as loud mouth. An hour later, the RM was moored in its new home port, after a conveyance lived in an excellent mood with my partner of the moment. It’s quite simple, to redo the world between two settings of listening bar or sail point before, we did not see the time pass.