8th edition of the "Cours des Glénans": a beautiful editorial adventure

The release in bookshop of the eighth edition of the Course des Glénans completes a beautiful professional adventure, conducted recently in parallel with my activity of skipper and my journalistic works for the English magazine Seahorse.
The Bible, as it is sometimes called, deals with all the topics concerning the novice or warned boater, from the sail settings to the maintenance of the ship. It is regularly re-published to take into account the evolution of techniques and know-how. The most famous of the sailing schools entrusted me with the editorial coordination of this eighth version of his reference book, as well as the realization of the photographs which in many fields have replaced the drawings. Of course my editorial work has been enriched by my experiences on water… and vice versa.
This is much more than an update, as whole chapters have been completely reviewed or added. A particular work has been done on the subject of port maneuvers, which represent for many practitioners the most stressful moments of a cruise. The approach to the weather has been completely redesigned, allowing to use the wealth of information available digitally, but also to develop a method of analysis and understanding of the phenomena involved. The local weather (site effects) has been dealt with in depth, the book proposing an introduction to the routing techniques (choice of the optimum route for a given boat and the priorities of the crew, according to the weather forecast of Time).
The navigation-in the sense of work at the card table-deals with the traditional methods implemented with a paper card and the use of electronic cards. It is not a question of advocating one school rather than another, but of assimilating the principles of safe and efficient navigation, of knowing how to translate it whatever the medium used, and of constantly drawing the best profit from it. To my knowledge, the reflection on the good recreational uses of electronic cartography had never been carried out yet, and yet: it is much more complex (and more exciting!) than tracking a route on a car GPS.
The pages devoted to the techniques of seamanship with modern ropes, described and explained step by step, are again mentioned as new features. or the chapter "Environment", dedicated in particular to the understanding of the ocean machine and the ecosystems, and to the knowledge of the flora and fauna of our coasts. For the rest… You have to buy the book.

Illustrations of seamanship techniques in the course of the Glénans.