Corsican cruise in Sun Odyssey 469

Arriving on the mooring of Campo Moro, at the entrance to the Gulf of Valinco. The very morning we left Rocapina under solid gusts and in a sea formed, with just a little canvas on the front (photo F. Garcia)

This time I accompanied a family of six people who had rented a boat for a week from Ajaccio, and almost all of them had never set foot on a boat. The navigation program proved tricky to refine day after day, Corsica banking suddenly a period of Mistral raising a strong swell on the West coast, then a storm of east that was felt far enough to the north of the mouths of Bonifacio and in the south of Cape Corsica. In these circumstances, the choice was quickly decided: our cruise would go south, where the coast is more carved, the shelters more numerous, and the steps shorter.

The first night proved to be a rough test, in an unusually (and terribly) roller mooring, and 48 hours later a stopover at the wharf, in the port of Propriano, allowed everyone to blow. But after that it was no longer a matter of seasickness, everyone had not even realised amariné, and even the return of Rocapina, by a good force 7 with the bearing gaits, was cashed without stumbling. The wonder was as usual to the rendezvous (in Corsica everything is beautiful), in this end September the water had to curl the 24 °, and we took care to throw the anchor every midday for lunch, taking all the time necessary for the idleness and the Swimming. From Ajaccio to the superb anchorage of Anse de Rocapina our playground has remained by the force of events a little restricted, but on a cruise it is not necessarily necessary to cut the miles in quantity to feast.