Second on Bertrand de Broca’s catamaran

Back in the evening on the harbour of Marseille, after a day of charter in the coves.

I interviewed him more than once in the last twenty or thirty years, I had also put my name, for a few tens of euros and among hundreds of others, on the hull of his sailboat departing from one of his Vendée Globe. Let’s say so: With Bertrand de pitcher, we know each other for a long time. He is, will know why, that I had sailed with him, while my job as a journalist-in the service of the sports of the Parisian, then sails and sailboats-led me to embark with a dive of professional riders, whether in test, in Travel or race.

I was delighted that Bertrand would call on me a day to assist him, departing from the port of Corbières in Marseille, on the occasion of a charter day where we picked up the customers in Cassis. His boat, Pampero, is a fast-paced (very) cruise, designed by the architect Christophe Barreau and built in Canet en Roussillon by the XL Catamarans shipyard. With its two drifts dipping to three meters, its mast-wing, its resolutely light displacement of 7 tons for 16 meters long, it is a lively and powerful multihull, probably not to put in all hands despite its high bows and its ground guard Important. The layouts are obviously not those of a Lagoon, rather the opposite of the spectrum, but there is everything on board, and the boat hosts eleven people on a cruise if necessary. The organization of the manoeuvres and the fittings are worthy of a racing sailboat, and there is a referee in the bar. The boss-must be emphasized-is one of those sailors with unusual experience. The day went like a charm.