A week's cruise to Cape Corsica

For the second time this season, and a week apart, I had the opportunity to order Escapade VI, the Feeling 546 rented by CG Sea. This time, the tenants (two couples of Swiss nationality) had booked the boat from Bastia.

Cape Corsica offers a rather different atmosphere from the south of the island, wilder, rougher and more austere too.

Irish atmosphere at Cape Corsica (Photo F. Augendre)
By turning the Giraglia (Photo F. Augendre)

This may explain why the area is much less frequented, both by large yachts and by « small » yachts.

A glance at the Automatic Identification System (AIS) that frequents the two navigation zones at the same time speaks for itself. The North of Corsica is decidedly quieter … but it sits that we should not say it too loudly.

At the end of September, a few more people south of Ajaccio (capture Weather 4D)
On the same day, west side of Cape Town (capture Weather 4D)