The Juris Cup in great Surprise with the bar of Paris

When approaching the first-run release buoy, the hierarchy is already installed: The big Surprise of the cabinet Chaintrier, at the top of the image (and of the body of water), our crew (sailing No. 34257) in second position. We will deposit our pursuers in the continuation of the course, but the leader remains untreatable (Photo T. appears).

For the Juris Cup, a regatta involving lawyers from all over France and even a few foreign countries in Marseille, the Paris bar hired me as a coach for two afternoons of training and the first day of competition, knowing that for the After the event the boat found its full crew and its usual tactician. Adjustments of the front sails, coordination of the manoeuvres, support to the helmsman/skipper for the analysis of the water body and the tactical decisions,… I had nothing to be bored of.

In a fleet of 18 big Surprise monotypes provided by Team winds, we have pretty well pulled our pin of the game by ranking second in this first run a course of twenty miles leading us to the lighthouse of glider and south of the harbour From Marseille, by a good breeze of Noroît and under a great sun. The sailboat of the law firm Chaintrier, led by the former Figariste and coach of the pole of the Grande Motte Nicolas Béranger is subscribed to the editions in the first place, and no more than usual he did not let count, even if a few times We had the opportunity to come back in its wake. I'll remember an excellent atmosphere and tasty moments with the band of young lawyers of the bar of Paris, both on board and ashore.