Know how to control your security weaponry

Annual control of lung tightness. Other technical features are
subject to more frequent checks (Photo F. Augendre)

And do you regularly check the status and validity of your security weaponry? Do you know all the equipment you have on board to deal with the emergency, do you check its good condition, its storage conditions, the expiry dates? Do you master its use at your fingertips?

Do you blindly trust the equipment distributed by manufacturers, or do you prefer to make sure that they are well equipped with essential supplements, such as a flashlight or a sub-cutal for an automatic vest, a floating anchor for a horseshoe buoy?

As a professional, safety (that of the ship and the people on board) is my number one concern. If so-called "passive" security cannot, of course, be sufficient on its own, the care and reflection devoted to it will prove decisive if things ever go wrong.

To worry about it upstream in the choice of equipment, to set up periodic routines, to adopt good practices, is to lay the foundation stone of an approach that will be consolidated on a daily basis by constant attention to active safety (follow the weather, adapt its route or the choice of its anchorage to the conditions of the moment and the conditions to come, to carry the web of time. , manoeuvre cleanly, pay attention to its crew, train them and train them in situations of distress.

If you entrust me with your boat for a ferry, or if you ask me to supervise your cruise, you will find that I systematize the checklists and procedures that, if they may seem a little formal and binding, allow to leave nothing to chance. This issue of security armament is also at the heart of my coaching or handling of a ship to its new owner.

If you are concerned about this fundamental subject, I am available to speak with you in depth, on board or by correspondence. I also invite you to read, or reread, my previous post on the update of the Special Offshore Regulations, which represent very serious reference documents on this issue.