In Seahorse, analysis of the sinking of a Class 40

In mid-December 2019, Louis Duc’s Class 40 capsized off the Azores as it returned to Europe after the Transat Jacques Vabre. Lipped after fourteen hours of waiting on the deck of their boat submerged by the waves, Duke and his crew man got away thanks to the efficiency of the Portuguese rescuers, but also thanks to the unsinkability of their boat, their combinations of survival isotherms, and their composure especially inherited the many trainings and safety briefings that offshore runners are familiar with.

Seahorse magazine double page on Class 40 and the sinking of the sailboat Crosscall Chamonix Mon Blanc (ex-Carac)
The analysis of the sinking of Louis Duc and his team-mate off the Azores comes in the epilogue of a dossier by François Chevalier on the evolutions and revolutions of the Class 40 since its origins.

This sea fortune, which could have ended much worse, is both chilling and rich in teachings: that’s why I wanted to analyze and share the lessons, in an article just published in Seahorse magazine, dated March 2020. Once again my activities as a journalist, which I have not completely abandoned, and my profession as a sailor feed each other.