Security coaching and double performance

En route to Bandol. Under SPI the jib is the absolute anti-egg weapon, in reduced crew it is particularly valuable, but it complicates a little the gybe. Essential learning and revisions…

I had already accompanied, in the search and the acquisition of a used sailboat, this customer wishing to start a cruise on a boat remaining compatible with a comfortable holiday with family. Over the course of the visits and the analysis of the market, we were able to clarify its program and its expectations, the choice having finally focused on a X34 very well maintained and with a game of sails consequent.

After starting to take control of his new unit, this owner turned to me for the Organization departing from Marseille from an internship oriented safety and performance doubles. These five particularly dense and rich days have allowed both to control and complement the armament of the edge as to familiarize themselves with its use and to revise or put in place the safety procedures: check-lists, Mayday and Pan pan in ASN and phonie, man-to-sea maneuvers, conduct to be held in case of Dismasting, rudder damage, towing…

On the performance chapter, we were able to work the settings, refine the bar technique, set up a double operation for sail reduction maneuvers or spinnaker gybes.

Every opportunity has been used to enable the owner and his teammate to make progress in taking charge of the X34: improvement of the RIS system at the point of tack, familiarization with the Adrena navigation and performance software , adjusting the offset of the electronic vane, understanding the advanced settings of the autopilot… Each apparatus and each return to the pontoon giving rise to a specific work on the manoeuvring of the port.

As always I delivered at the end of five days of coaching a technical report defining work tracks and suggestions to further improve the functioning of the edge, in terms of ergonomics as well as performance.