Back to Cowes, Mecca of sailing racing

I have been carrying out a consultancy mission to accompany a client in the acquisition of his future mount. Reflection on the expectations and the navigation program, establishment of a specification, choice of a sailboat size consistent with the goals sought, selection of the market models corresponding to the target. and « Pre-inspection » of used boats spotted for sale. So the day after the Morgan Cup I was in Cowes to visit an Elan 350 prepared for the race, and that its owner was able to enhance with a series of clever and very interesting little details.

None of my visits to this Mecca of the regatta leaves me indifferent, I have accumulated so many memories, since my first stop on the family boat (and my fall in the Medina while I wanted to do my smarts with the appendix) to the UK 2016 championship followed from the Commodore’s Cup with Andrew Hurst, the editor of Seahorse magazine to which I have been collaborating ever since, to my years on the malignant crazy one-toner Crazy Horse, my regattas at the helm of the paternal half-tonner, the Admiral’s Cup on Ossian and Proud Lady. The landing of the Red Funnel shuttle to the High Street is my personal little madeleine.