Motor ship captain

I committed some infidelities this summer to my first love, momentarily abandoning sailing for the engine. Flying speedboats or semi-rigids in the vicinity of Marseille, for customers who have booked a boat for the day but do not have a permit, it is a very nice way, between two boardings of longer duration, to change pace but also to make known and share sumptuous landscapes. From the islands of Friuli to the Calanques, pushing as needed to The Green Island, there is no shortage of beautiful moorings or good tables at the water’s edge. And I never get enough of it.

The Verve 36, one of my mounts for these day trips.
The boat is sometimes more modest, no matter what, it gives access to more secret places. In the background, a Ron Holland prototype that I suspect is a sister-ship of the famous Imp, but its owner could not tell me more.