2000 miles in Lagoon 450

Twenty days is the time it took to route a brand new Lagoon 450 from La Rochelle, where it had been delivered by the shipyard, to Port Camargue, its home port. A capricious weather will have obliged to wait several days in Vigo (Spain) until the wind returns to the north sector, the cruise catamarans not being lightning close by tight. And yet we will have pulled some edges, the 1635 miles of the direct road having converted into 2000 miles to the loch…

This six-handed conveyance-your servant and the couple of owners-was also a set-up and training for my clients, who needed to familiarize themselves with their boat, but also to acquire a number of fundamentals. Manoeuvres, navigation, weather strategy, simple notions of routing, adjustments, port manoeuvres, engine control, operation of the many systems (Watermaker, Generator 220 V,…), fine use of the onboard electronics, Radar manipulation: Every moment of navigation has been used for learning, reviewing and deepening. The forced stopover in Vigo will have been an opportunity to refine the preparation of the boat, to seaman what deserved to be, but also to chain the maneuvers of port to the owners, or to spin in the bottom of the (beautiful) Ria to review the technique of Anchorage. I take this opportunity to report the technical quality of the reception at the Marina Davila, accustomed it is true to welcome super-Yachts: The port facilities are perfectly configured for boats a little cumbersome such as ours, and the sailors are Particularly valuable help when accosting.

Exit of the Strait of Gibraltar, before sunrise (Photo F. Garcia).

Traffic is dense throughout the Iberian Peninsula, the DST (Traffic separation devices) punctuate the route, with a special mention in Gibraltar, where the high density of the cargoes is combined with the local weather effects and the strengthening (significant!) Wind in the strait. The crew was well prowled to identify the collision routes, the judicious operation of the AIS system, the radio procedures with the meeting ships and the observation of the bar rules.
After a last delicate manoeuvre by crosswind-the eight meters wide of the catamaran passing the shoe between the Dolphins-the Lagoon found at the beginning of June its location at the pontoon of the multihulls of the Grande Motte. Beautiful Mediterranean sailings are now waiting for its owners.